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Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that deals with complex algirthms and designs that mimics the functioning nature of the biological neurons and hence termed as artifical neural networks (ANN). With overwhelming applications of the emerging deep learning technology, it has become one of the prominent research field in artificial intelligence while covering various domains like healthcare, self-driving cars, text translations, image recognition, caption generation, forecasting, and a lot more. With such motivation this blog aims to cover the following, however is not limited:

  • Learning deep learning concepts.
  • Review on trending recent research works.
  • My research work.
  • The other blog posts that I find useful for learning.
  • Popular state-of-the-art deep learning architectures.
  • More posts can be explored on my BLOG.

Welcome to my deep learning blog!

Hi, I’m Narinder Singh Punn.

I am currently working as a Teaching Research Fellow (TRF) at IIITA. I am also a senior research fellow in the “Big Data Analytics” laboratory of IIITA (BDA Lab IIITA). I also guide UG, PG and inter students to pursue their research goals.

My research areas are: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biomedical Image Analysis and related applications.

In my opinion, there is no limit to the research, however, the only limit is yourself. Hence, I am developing this blog to guide or help young minds to pursue their research goals with no hassle.

“Everything is hard before it is easy” – Goethe

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